King Monada Does Makhadzi Wrong Again

Will he ever be in her good graces?

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King Monada's full name is Khutso Steven Kgale, and he was born on November 25, 1992, in Ga-Mokgolobotho village, Limpopo.

His hit songs include Ska Bhora Moreki, Benz, and Malwedhe (Kea Idibala).

As he celebrates having more years added to his life, let's take a look at some of his past highlights.

Makhadzi - "Monada Used To Treat Me Like A Dog"

After a video of their new song Ghanama went viral, musicians Makhadzi and King Monada are at odds.

The Limpopo musicians are currently at odds about ownership of the song. Is it Makhadzi ft King Monada, or King Monada ft Makhadzi and Prince Benza? Right now, that is the question.

The song is hers, according to the Matorokisi hitmaker. She claims that she presented King Monada with the song, and that she summoned Prince Benza, the beatmaker, to create a beat for her.

Makhadzi detailed her side of this argument in a Facebook post, saying, "GHANAMA SONG IS MY SONG, MY CONCEPT, MY MELODIES, Featuring King Monada and PRINCE BENZA ON THE BEATS.." After recording Monada's song, I wrote a song called "Impossible."

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His Embarrassing Rejection

Big Zulu was amusingly turned down by King Monada, who wanted to get rid of his dreadlocks. This was all started by Cassper Nyovest's concept of celebrity boxing, which was well embraced by social media fans and celebrities alike.

"Because celebrity boxing is so popular in the United States, I believe we could earn decent money with it in Africa as well." It may also help to promote boxing on the continent. He asked, "Who do you think would make a good boxing match?"

Users flooded his comments section with recommendations for which celebrities should settle their quarrel in the ring or merely entertain the masses. When King Monada proposed who he would like to fight, he showed interest in the combat.

King Monada hits out at cute boys, says they are gay

King Monada at one time was a bit antagonistic and decided to go after cute boys. In his opinion, he thought that boys or men who are cute are the reason why others who are not so cute don’t get any girls.

But that wasn't the only thing he didn't like about cute boys. He also had a far more divisive attitude on any boys that were deemed "attractive."

The "Ex Yaka" singer criticized girls who admire cute boys in a tweet. He claimed that girls only date cute boys, but that this typically ends in tears since, as he claims, cute boys are almost always gay.

Perhaps the most humorous feature of his stance was the fact that he referred to himself as a dinosaur. It takes a lot of confidence to admit that you don't think you're cute, and we appreciate him for doing so.

But he's calling himself a dinosaur? That's just hilarious. We're interested in why he doesn't think he's attractive. Which of you females messed with his image and self-esteem?

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Monada's car repossessed

On social media, photos of Limpopo's superstar King Monanda's car being taken and escorted by the police were seen circulating. The photos had divided fans; some believed King Monada's M4 was being repossessed, while others maintain that police were never involved in auto repossessions, claiming that the car was being serviced and the officers were present to accompany it.

The singer of Ska Bhora Moreki resorted to social media to express his displeasure, the post loosely translates to, "They took the vehicle, therefore I'm going to walk again. Debts are another thing that will kill us ". His message was accompanied by laughing emojis.

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