L'vovo Is Learning How To Walk Again

The Kwaito star is out from ICU after car accident

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Kwaito superstar L'vovo Derrango was involved in a car accident last year but the star is reportedly recovering well in hospital. Last month, the Bayang'sukela hitmaker was involved in a head-on collision with a truck in his hometown, Newcastle.

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Speaking to Sunday World at the time, L'vovo said, “I was driving home alone on Tuesday night when a tipper truck drove straight to me. I couldn’t avoid a head-on collision

“I am in the hospital right now, but I am getting better. I thank God and my ancestors that I survived the accident. I could have died based on the impact that had happened. I thank my lucky stars that I came out alive, as others do not survive such accidents.”

Now it seems as though the singer is making some progress as it is reported that he is out of ICU and learning how to walk. He told Isolezwe that he injured his hip, making it difficult for him to walk.

“The problem is that I injured my hip, so walking has been very challenging. But doctors have inserted a pediatric hip plate to help this area to heal, what is left now is for me to walk again. I have started attending classes that will help me to walk and I was removed from the ICU on Wednesday,” said the singer as quoted by the publication.

Other celebrities involved in car accidents just recently include Inno Morolong whose car burst into flames. According to The Pop Corn Room Inno responded to them and said, “Thank u. I’m just fighting for my life now. I will tell u guys what happened when I’m ready to talk. Now I’m still at the hospital I’m in shock.”

Days after the accident, she went on a vacation with her lover.

Sbahle Mpisane also was involved in a car accident some years back but she finally spoke about that in a recent interview with YouTuber Owamie Hlongwane. 

"I won't say there was no alcohol involved, because I was out. But I don't drink to get drunk obviously, I was fine but it was a whole situation that no one knows that got me into the car accident and only I know what happen. The only people that can speak are only me and someone else.”

"The car accident wasn't because Sbahle was drinking and driving, no. There happened to be a situation, unfortunately, the cameras were not working and either way, it was something which was seen and I approached the situation face to face and something happened. Someone was the cause of my car accident but number one there were no cameras and I am alive. I happened to know the person. The person was my friend, but it's nothing to talk about because I don't want to mention their name and I am alive.

“The perfect part is that person did come forth to say and agreed to what happened because I thought I was extra,” she said.

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