Lady Du Wants To Change Your Perception Of Her

There's more to the artist than one realises

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Lady Du is more than just a pretty face and powerful vocalist, she is also a very smart woman who shares a lot wisdom and gives free advice to those who need it.

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Lady Du partnered with Bulldog London Dry Gin, and as part of their campaign, she sat down with Slikour and spoke about her rise to success.

The Amapiano star is on almost every Amapiano song you can think of. The popular and the not-so popular. She once got hailed the Queen because of her meteoric rise and how she lends her time to feature in other artist's music as well.

Amapiano pioneer De Mthuda crowned Lady Du the Queen of Amapiano because she has exceptional talent and her generosity never goes unnoticed.

"Lady Du has done a lot for the music industry this year. She was blessing us with collabos almost every week. You may say whatever you want but she had proven to me a Queen. Here's to the Queen of Amapiano," he wrote on Facebook.

Speaking to Slikour, Lady Du shared some bit of advice to other young people, on how does she do it.

"I want to change the concept of people thinking other people can't do things because they belong somewhere. Nobody belongs anywhere. You just have to start somewhere," she said.

Lady Du also challenged the people who think they have to receive things and not going for them.

"I believe in getting what you want, not being given what you want," she said. " Because when you are given, then it's easy for the person to demand. But when you get what you want, it's on your terms.

"If a person says no, that's fine. A no does not mean 'no it's not going to happen.' It just means not right now."

The Woza vocalist also said she knows how to make people do what she wants because she does not take no for an answer.

Watch the interview here.

Lady Du has developed a thick skin after being subjected to a lot of bullying. She often spreads love and kindness hoping people would do the same to each other.

"I’ve been seeing sooo many people go through sooo much because of cyber bullying. one thing about me, I make sure I check up on all my friends and colleagues in the piano industry. Guys your negative comments affect people, we know the country is going through a lot nje, but can we must learn to be sensitive towards other people, I watched a video of a girl body shaming someone I know. It hurt me like they were saying it to me. Ncela Ning mamele kahle (please listen to me properly)," she said.

"You are beautiful the way you are, God made you in his image, if you start feeling like you’re not beautiful because of someone else that means you don’t think you’re beautiful yourself. I tell all my friends all the time, umzimba wam uyinto engiyiyo mina, kiss kiss yam eyam, ngapha ngizthandela ukudla (My body is what I have, I love my knock knees and eating a lot).

Lady Du said she loves herself a lot that people's negative comments do not break her one bit, "I love myself sooo much I don’t get hurt by a comment from someone that doesn’t even know me or even put food on my table. Learn to fill yourself with sooo much love that anything negative boosts your confidence even more because it means uyabanyisa babes!!!! Remember this, a dog does not bark if the car isn’t moving. Love yourself just the way you are." she continued.

Lady Du also did suffer depression at some point but she knows how to overcome it,  "I’ve been through soooo much in my life, I’ve been depressed, suicidal, I survived all that, today as I lie in my bed crying I feel a pain that takes me to a dark place. I feel numb, weak, the toxic environment I’m entering is not good for my heart. I’m crying for my friends, I have to deal with toxic people, still have to smile and act brave. People telling me to ignore everything, how??

"All I know is writing songs and championing God, I pray a lot, I fast, I meditate but I haven’t even done it. Because telling people to pray now has become something else. I will be honest, I am broken, I am in pieces, If this is the price we pay to be In show biz, y’all can close my curtains.  God knows my heart. I love hard, I ask all my friends to pray all the time. Today I ask God to clean our hearts."

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