"I Have Never Ever Been With Anyone For Money"

Lady Du rubbishes rumours that she dumped Andile because he's gone broke

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 02:01 PM 

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Award-winning amapiano vocalist Lady Du, left Mzansi shooketh to the core recently after announcing that she had parted ways with her hubby Andile Mxakaza.

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Despite serving major power couple goals, no one saw them calling it quits soon. Lady Du announced their breakup by saying they followed their hearts before things went south.

“I’ve had numerous attacks from people I didn’t even know, people making me uncomfortable because of culture, people attacking my character, scratching my cars. So I decided it’s best I follow my heart and leave my relationship.
“We also realised we wanted different things. So we are both happy with the decision and we ask that you kindly respect it. It hasn’t affected any of us. Let it not affect you or make you sad.

After announcing their breakup fans accused her of breaking up with Andile because he is "broke" but the singer has rubbished this rumour. She said she had worked hard all her life to build up her wealth.

" Can we fix one thing!!!!! At 16 I already had my first car!!!! After school, I traveled the world working on a cruise ship, the pictures you see there are not of me standing in front of people’s cars those are all the cars I owned! No bank I bought fixed and sold some of them to raise capital, I choose to live a life that’s under carpet because I don’t see why I need to post what I have. I’m a musician I make music! My life has nothing to do with anyone!!! One thing I will not allow is for people to even think any of my stuff was built by someone else. I have worked at checkers before, I have worked fixing cars at my dad’s workshop, worked in logistics, for radio!!!! All that I have is from my own blood sweat and tears," she said.

She said she has never been with someone for money.

" I have never ever been with anyone for money. It’s purely out of love when I date, one thing I appreciate that my dad taught me is to never put a price tag on love, because when the price is no longer there you’ll be the most miserable person ever. I have built myself to be the woman I am today! With the help of my father! As soon as I turned 20 I moved out of home Got my own space! Life yes dribbled me a bit but I Got back on my feet.

Sooooo one thing I will never let people do is mess with my bread and butter!!!! Especially when no one and I mean no one at all has ever given money towards my work or music! I am not signed anywhere, it’s just my manager, my team and I that’s behind my brand. Every single thing you see that’s out there is from my own pocket!!!! No financial support from no one!!!! That one right there I will never let people lie about!  love peace and happiness people WAWA,"
On the other hand, Andile has blamed witchcraft for their separation. "There are people who are busy abusing another child. They have been abusing her for a long time and I am also getting tired. Women practice witchcraft and I don't want to name drop, I know the person who is doing this and they keep on doing it and I am warning them to stop doing it," he said.

"You are attacking her because she is in love with me and there were times where we couldn't sleep busy praying for her because she couldn't see, she gets injured, and she can't do her shoots because of witchcraft."

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