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These celebs got tattoos of their loved ones

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It’s hard to find a celebrity, both locally or internationally, who does not have at least one tattoo. For some it is a reflection of their industry, particularly for rappers. Others get them just because they like the art, also a valid reason. 

But others have experienced a love so deep and true that they have chosen to honour it with a somewhat permanent symbol – by inking it on their skin. This way, they carry their loved ones with them everywhere they go, and are always close to them.

Well, you know us, we are suckers for such sweet stories, so here is a list of ZAlebs who have inked their loved ones on their skin. 

Lady Du 

Amapiano vocalist Lady Du recently got a tattoo on her hand in honor of her late friends Killer Kau and Mpura. It is located on her inner wrist, and has three different symbols, all which depict peace. There is a hand holding up the peace sign, two little doves flying over it, and completed with two small love hearts. 

The two died in a car accident, sending shock waves across Mzansi, and especially in the Amapiano community. She shared an emotional tribute which signaled how hard their loss was on her. In fact, she was so broken that she passed out at a gig shortly after they passed on, but we are glad she seems to be doing much better now. 

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson 

We all grieve differently, and it seems that like Lady Du, ink is Lesedi Matsunyane's preferred way to keep her late father Shona Ferguson alive. Shortly after his passing, she showcased her new tattoo of him, breaking all our hearts. 

Image source: Africa Updates

The ink depicts Shona seated and looking down. He has wings, and seemed to be peering keenly at something below him. We figured it shows that he, now an angel with wings, is now looking down at her from heaven. The thought is sweet and comforting, and although we cannot say that's how heaven works, we are certain that Shona would look down and watch out for his family if he got the choice. 

Khanyi Mbau 

Tattoos of loved ones don't always mean mourning, as The Wife actress Khanyi Mbau showed us. Not only did she steal the spotlight on the show she recently joined, she also some the heart of Kudzai Mushonga

The two lovebirds, who have been dating for a little over a year, recently revealed their matching tattoos of each other. Theirs are pretty straightforward: each wrote the other's name. 

Khanyi's "Kudzai" tattoo is on her hip, while Kudzai's "Khanyi" tattoo is on his chest, right next to his heart. The two have been hot and heavy for the one year of their relationship, and Mrs K couldn't be happier. 

Zodwa Wabantu 

The self-titled Pantyless dancer, and one of Mzansi's favourite performers, Zodwa Wabantu, has been drunk in love with her Ben 10, Ricardo

She had been warned multiple times about him, seeing as he is significantly younger than she is, and unknown except as her boyfriend. Her fans think he is only in it for her money. 

But Zodwa doesn't care, and has decided that she will enjoy her relationship while it lasts, even if it ends in tears. They have been living together, and recently marked the seriousness of their relationship by getting matching tattoos of each other. We may be a little sceptical, but we have to admit, we love love. 

Ntando Duma 

TV personality Ntando Duma and her daughter Sbahle Mzizi have one of the cutest mother-daughter relationships; the little girl really is her tiny, broke best friend. And Ntando chose to show her love for Sbahle by getting a permanent physical reminder: ink. 

She has a tattoo of Sbahle's name on her chest, to show that her daughter is close to her heart at all times. Hers is pretty simple and straightforward too, it's just her name. It's certainly a lot more heartwarming and permanent than the twinning looks they often pull, although we admit that those are pretty stinking cute too. 

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Imagine loving someone so much that you want them on your skin forever. That is the kind of love they write songs about, and we hope we all get to experience it at least once in our lives, whether platonic, familial or romantic. 
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