Ntando Spoils Sbahle On 4th Birthday

She deserves all the love

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Baby Sbahle Mzizi is such a breath of fresh air and we love content that involves her on our socials.

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The bundle of joy is actress Ntando Duma and DJ, Junior de Rocka's little princess and she recently turned four years old.

The adorable an bubbly baby girl has quickly become a celebrity in her own right, due to her charismatic personality, quick wit, and excellent command of many languages, including IsiZulu, English, TshiVenda and Setswana, and at such a young age. Ntando has consistently shared videos of Sbahle showing off her intelligence, further emphasising the excellent job she has been doing as a mom; earning her the "Mommy Of The Year" title time and time again.

We all know that Ntando Duma has an eye for the finer things in life, which is why it comes as no surprise that she went all out once again for her daughter on her 4th birthday.

They say a mother knows their child best, and this is very true because little Abahle got all the pressies her mom knows she will need. A video on her Instagram shows Sbahle uber excited as he unwrap her presents. The boxes are filled with a number of gitfs such as a new iPad, a cute apron and hat for her baking moments in the kitchen, puzzles, and a new phone. And as usual, respectful little Sbahle kept saying the magic words "thank you mommy". Have we missed anything else? Check out the videos below to see.

The two are what we're call mommy-daughter goals. One of the many times that they've served us goals is when they took on the ‘sneezing challenge’ when lockdown had just begun last year. Ntando pretended to sneeze without covering her mouth and nose in order to see if Sbahle would be fazed by her mom’s lack of manners. Suffice to say, Sbahle was less than impressed by Ntando’s behaviour and made sure to let her know that she had no etiquette. Giving her mom a side eye at first, the toddler couldn’t deal with the continuous sneezing and screamed, “You need to cover your mouth! I told you to cover your mouth!”.

Another heartwarming video that was tear-jerking too is when they were seen practicing their daily affirmations, which are said to create a positive mind-set and enable you to have a confident attitude towards life.

The video starts off with Ntando asking Sbahle what her name meant, which according to the three-year old, Sbahle Lisakhanya means “beautiful light”. Ntando went on to ask her daughter to deliver her affirmations which stated, “I am smart, I am beautiful, I am the light and I am leadership!”. Someone is chopping onions!

These amazing parenting videos do not go unnoticed or unrewarded. Ntando has had stranger give her a small token of appreciation for raising Sbahle like a gem. Whilst dining at Moja Café in Soweto, Ntando got approached by a stranger who gave her R1000 for being the best mom ever!

“A guy gave me 1K at Moja Cafe today as a token of appreciation for being a great mother to my daughter, she said. He said watching me effortlessly doing it helped him a lot with raising his own kids. He said A LOT and my heart is so, so warm,” Ntando tweeted about the kind gesture.

The star said that the gesture gave her even more courage and strength to continue raising her daughter with love and dedication. Kudos, mommy!

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