Mzansi Can't Get Enough Of Zodwa's Ben 10 And Child

They look so adorable together

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Exotic dance and reality show star Zodwa Wabantu has become one of Mzansi's most beloved entertainers. She has been winning many hearts with her loveable personality since she rose to stardom.

Also, she is not one to mince words. Her love for her family, fans, and Ben 10 Ricardo is unparalleled. Zodwa decided to brighten up our timelines by posting an adorable picture of her son and Ben-10.

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It is probably every mother's dream for their son to get along with their stepdad and Zodwa is no exception. Her followers cannot stop swooning over the adorable snap and many have reckoned that they look alike. Ben 10 and Zodwa's son were out getting haircuts when they took the picture.

Zodwa recently found love in the warm arms of her 'Ben 10' boyfriend Ricardo and she is totally smitten with him. It is no secret that she has a reputation for maintaining her Ben-10's lifestyles and it's no different this time around. She recently sent a scathing message to those who say their relationship ends in tears.

She slammed those who always criticise her for blessing her Ben10 and asked them whether in their relationships they do not assist each other with money with their partners.

"Imagine not falling in love because you are scared that it will end and you are not loving fully. You hold back fear because you are scared, no way. Life is all about living it, making mistakes, starting all over. I am going to love and give my boyfriend allowance," she said.

"As couples please tell me don't you guys assist each other with money? You don't borrow each other cars you don't plan a trip together." she asked.

Zodwa has a 13  year old Vuyo and he is at boarding school. Vuyo failed his Grade 8 in 2019 and speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she was disappointed, but she wasn't ashamed to share that her son had failed.

"I expected him to do well, just like any parent and he failed, I was disappointed. I thought perhaps it had something to do with my busy working mom's life but I realised that there were other things too," she said.

"I know parents that make their kids feel like sh*t and pretend in front of other people like they're understating parents. But behind closed doors, they insult their kids. "

“My son, he's a lovely kid and I know that he will do better. So all I told him was that he needed to go back this year, focus and do his level best. That is all I ever want from him, to be the best that he can be," she said.

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