"We Aren't That Close Anymore" Lasizwe Dambuza

He spills all the tea on his relationship with Khanyi

By  | Jun 02, 2022, 10:26 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Larger-than-life media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has opened up about his relationship with his sister Khanyi Mbau.

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The duo used to serve major siblings goals on social media, they would go on vacations, and spend quality time together, leaving everyone in awe of their relationship. Recently, Khanyi has been focusing on securing the bag and  spending more time with her boyfriend Kudzai, while Lasizwe is also concentrating on his career.

Fans have been speculating that they might be beefing. Lasizwe hosted a Q&A on his Instagram account, and he was asked whether they are still close. He said they don't spend time together like they used to before.

"We aren't that close anymore. This year really tested us as work on both ends got hectic and we just didn't have time to see each other like we used to,” he said.

He said their relationship has been strained by their busy schedules. “Our relationship also contributed to us not seeing each other as in her free time she would go to Dubai and in my free time I would be in Cape Town," he wrote.
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Lasizwe also opened up about his relationship with Livy Sibeko, stating that it was one of his favorites as he taught him how to love and be loved. "This was personally one of my favorite relationships. I was taught how to love and receive love without ever doubting or questioning it. I was loved unconditionally and publicly for the first time ever. I will never forget this man but unfortunately that chapter had to come to an end beautifully,” he wrote.
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Lasizwe's last public relationship ended on a sour note. In February 2021, the YouTuber went public with his then boyfriend from Cape Town. The pair even went to a Valentine's weekend gateway trip together. The trip also involved Khanyi and Kudzai, but no one saw it coming that in a couple of days they would break up.

Lasizwe took to social media to reveal that after he dropped off him at the airport to board a flight to Cape Town, but he later bumped into him at Great Dane in Johannesburg. Lasizwe was hurt after he did him dirty and he took to social media to share his heartbreak.

Last month, Lasizwe shared the reason they unfollowed each other on Instagram with Khanyi. He said Khanyi was no longer engaging with his content and he saw it fit for both of them to unfollow each other. "She said your content does not speak to me," said Lasizwe.

"I am sometimes petty, if you are following me like my content and comment the same I am going to like your content and comment, so I was like dude you  will follow me when you like something on my page and when my content speaks to you,"

He went on to rubbish claims that they are beefing. "You guys like creating drama and said they beefing." 

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