Lasizwe Spoils Himself With A Brand New Ride

Hard work pays off

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You will now be able to catch social media sensation and TV host Lasizwe Dambuza weaving in and out of traffic with his new set of wheels.

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It is no secret that Lasizwe is definitely living his ancestor's wildest dream. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted several people's livelihoods and some continue to weather the storm, the reality show star has blessed himself with a new ride, proving that hard work does certainly pays off.

Lasizwe awarded himself for his hard work, with a brand new white BMW convertible. Gushing and bragging about it on social media, Lasizwe posted a couple of Instagram stories to show off his new ride and it looks sizzling.
Screenshot picture credit: Okmzansi

His sister Khanyi Mbau also congratulated him on his achievement and posted a picture of him posing inside his car.

Lasizwe was thrust into stardom a few years ago with his Youtube videos and he has since managed to solidify himself as a respected TV star in the South African entertainment industry.

Although he is currently enjoying the fruits of his labor he has had a fair share of his own struggles, even mentally. Lasizwe recently pleaded with the masses to pray for him after he said the fame monster was taking control of him.

"I’ve lost my true authentic self! I have become fake and plastic! The fame monster has gotten a hold of me! What you can do for me is to pray for me! Honestly please pray for me! It would really help," he wrote.

Lasizwe said he would delete all his social media applications to start on a clean slate, but fortunately enough he did not, "With that being said with immediate effect I am deleting all my social media applications and beginning a journey of self-discovery."

His sister Khanyi Mbau had warned Lasizwe before on his reality show Fake It Till You Make It that the fame monster was taking control of him. This follows after Lasizwe posted a video dancing inside the house on Instagram implying that he had purchased it.

Speaking to Drum Magazine, Khanyi expressed how distraught she was about Lasizwe lying “I‘m very upset at him for doing that; he lied – the apartment is a rental. He told Fresh that he bought it and he went onto the breakfast show to speak about it and it’s not true.”

"It’s not the first time he has pulled a stunt like this and we have warned him but he will learn and eventually grow to know that you can’t lie about something like this,"
she said.

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