Lasizwe's New Man Is The River's Wiseman Zitha

Social media detectives are at it again!

By  | Nov 13, 2020, 02:53 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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Lasizwe's new bae has been revealed and it is none other than The River actor Wiseman Zitha. The reality star and influencer didn't try so hard to keep his new relationship, or should we call it a situationship, under wraps.

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Social media detectives are at it again as they have uncovered the mystery behind who has stolen their fave's heart. When Lasizwe Dambuza posted a hilarious picture of him and his new bae with his face hidden, unbeknownst to him social media would be able to investigate and reveal his identity.

According to iHarare, the two have been spotted together several times. Fans spotted the two of them kissing at a club. Wiseman even posted a video of the two of them at Altitude beach.

Another giveaway was the fact that Wiseman commented under Lasizwe's post of the two of them together wrestling in bed with heart emojis, "Moment for life."

The phrase was taken from American rapper Nicki Minaj's Moment For Life featuring Drake, and Lasizwe finished off the lyric by adding, "And in this moment I just feel so alive," coupled with a heart emoji.
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Wiseman is an actor, social media influencer and model. The 25-year-old appeared on telenovelas such as Giyani: Land Of Blood starring as Musa. He also acted on  Muvhango as Tshivhenda and his current role is that of Mondli on The River.

Lasizwe was ranting on Twitter to vent about his sexual frustration, talking about how he was going through a dry spell as he insinuated that he hadn’t been getting any action in the bedroom.

Damubuza first began by saying that he doesn't really want a serious relationship instead he wants a situationship.

He tweeted that he wants to take someone else's son on a baecation, he'll cover all the costs. However, we all know there is nothing for mahala in this world. In turn, Lasizwe just wants do get some in he'll ensure you are taken care of.

"I want to take someone son on all expenses paid vacation you just need arrive and service this engine and enjoy the holiday living soft for a few days.  Is it too much to ask for?". 

Celebrating his social media milestone of reaching 1 million followers, Lasizwe shot a music video with his new man caressing each other in bed. He was prancing around his mansion with Wiseman with Elaine’s You’re The One playing in the background.

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