Shugasmakx encourages us to "Trust it"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lebo "Shugasmakx" Mothibe  | Top of The

With his extensive musical accolades and impressive portfolio of work in the South African entertainment industry, rapper and presenter Shugasmaks need no introduction. During his busy schedule of promoting his new single Trust it we caught up with Shuga to hear why we should trust in his new track.


Shugasmakx it’s been a minute since we’ve heard some new material from you. Yet here you are with a new track that promises to be a banger in the streets. With all the great hip hop singles hitting our airwaves, what sets Trust It apart from all the other singles we’re hearing currently?

As much as it’s current with the sound, there’s nothing really like it right now. It has that fresh, international appeal with local flavour. 

Wathinta thina had a great Mbongeni Ngema sample to it! For those who haven’t yet heard the single can they expect a sample on this track too?

Thank you. I think Wathinta Thina will always be a special song to me. This is an original song, no samples.

Tell us about the atmosphere in the studio when you laced down the lyrics to the track with JR. Were both of your creative juices  flowing and did you guys have the same content theme in mind for this song?

The song originally had another chorus but due to creative differences between me and the other writer we had to change it and one day in studio I played the beat, JR started singing the melody and I knew we could build on that.

Is that JR singing the hook? We didn’t know he could sing.

Yep, that’s him right there. I also thought featuring him just as singer with no raps would be different as well. 

We of course always have to give props to the beat maker of the song, who produced the track and how long did it take you to make this track?

The song is produced by Ameen Harron, he’s worked with HHP, Slikour, Kwesta, AKA and many more. It took us a while to get the beat going and workshop the song to what it is now, months actually. I think the hard work on it will pay off.

You’re also a presenter of My Perfect Proposal so far what are your thoughts on people’s proposals and do you think you could propose to your lady in front of the whole of South Africa?

I think we have had some romantic and special proposals on the show. If I wasn’t in the public space, maybe I would do it as well.

When is the video for Trust It! officially launching on TV?

I’d say give us about a month. We will probably shoot in the next 2 weeks.