The River: Fans Applaud Nomonde's Scene Next To Rats

Fans applaud Linda Mtoba's bravery

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The return of Linda Mtoba's Nomonde on The River 1 Magic has been nothing short of drama. Her sudden return ended up with her and Vero stealing money from Lindiwe to pay off old enemies and her plan took a quick left.

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After faking her kidnapping to lure her parents of money, her kidnapper saw this as an opportunity to suck more money out of the Dikanas and decided to abduct her for real this time around.
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Sadly for Nomonde, her father Zweli has washed his hands off her after finding out about her conniving plan and her captures are growing frustrated. In last night's scene, after being beaten to a pulp - she was left lying in an abandoned shack with rats roaming around.

The show's viewers are impressed with Mtoba's courage to be filmed next to moving rats. It takes a lot of courage after all - we are too impressed.

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Picture Credit: Instagram/Linda Mtoba
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