A look at celebrity couples who work out together

Celebrity couples who work out together inspire us to do the same.

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Recently, we read this article on Longevity about why you should workout with your partner and it got us thinking of various celebrity couples who have made it a ritual to work out together.

Winter is upon us and as we dread the thought of those early morning trips to the gym after enjoying a hearty meal from the previous night. It is evident that the only source of motivation that would motivate anyone to jump out of their warm bed and onto a treadmill is the thought of looking attractive for the Summer.

And besides wanting to achieve the goal of having the most amazing summer-bod before the end of winter, what else can inspire you to wake up early and hit the treadmill running?

Well, besides being terrified of the thought of wearing a size 40 by the end of winter another form of motivation is heading to the gym with your boyfriend/girlfriend. After all, they are the people that see you naked almost if not all the time.

Think of Lehasa Moloi and his wife Cleo, the couple the couples favourite downtime is sweating it out at the gym. 

Lehasa moloi

And when they've burned all the fat for the day, the couple treats themselves to yet another hearty meal. According to the article on Longevity exercising with your partner does increase your emotional bond as a couple.

Lehasa moloi

Then there's Clint Brink and his wife Steffi Brink.

Clint Brink and wife

The couple is undoubtedly each others pillar of strength when it comes to getting fit and healthy, they're all the motivation they need to burn those carbs.


It's clear that the gym is their favourite hanging out spot.

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Clint Brink

So the next time you feel like ditching your weekly trips to the gym think of the Molois and the Brinks and how they've managed to keep fit and healthy by simply working out together.

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