The Love and Hip Hop Mzansi reality show

A reality show that would have the rest of Mzansi glued to their TV screens.

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Love and hip hop

Here at ZAlebs we're always trying to be creative and keep the entertainment industry as entertaining as can be. Today we’re taking on the position of TV producers.

Imagine a Mzansi version of the oh-so popular American reality TV show with a Mzansi twist of course. If there's one thing our Hip Hop artists aren't missing out on its relationships and business. Imagine putting five or more of our top Hip Hop couples in one house for 30 days? 

No script, no filters, no rules, no nothing, everything goes. All they have to do is live their ordinary lives all under one roof.  Something along the lines of Big Brother, except no one, gets voted out. 

All they have to do is survive in one house.

In the house, we’d have various couples in the house. As we watch their relationships unfold in front of us all

Just to make the reality show spicier we might even add 2 exes in there, just for control. Will they survive? Maybe.

So here's our ideal list.

Slikour and Fiance’ Melissa Wilkinson 


Ricky Rick and wife Bianca Naidoo 

Ricky and wife

LootLove and Reason


Kwesta and Yolanda Mvelase

Kwesta and Yolanda

Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Modiselle

So what about the exes?

We would definitely put in Cassper, Boity and Amanda DuPont in there as well.

Oh, and we could not forget Nadia Nakai and her ex - Dotcom.

nadia nakai

Unfortunately, this is a very wishful thinking list, we doubt none of these hip hop acts and their partners would agree to be a part of such a reality show unless some serious money was put down for each couple to feature in this reality show.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/Love&HipHop

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