Is Lunga Shabalala now a doctor?

We would love to be a patient in his ward!

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Lunga Shabalala is a man of many talents, but we never in our wildest dreams thought we’d see the day we address him as Doctor Lunga Shabalala. 

Just before you choke on your tea - this is all (probably!) a big joke, but we were all fooled for a hot minute. It all went down on DJ Naves’ Twitter page after he shared a picture of the presenter and model, and wrote that Lunga had finally joined the “medical fraternity”. 

Naves himself made headlines earlier this year when he confirmed that he had obtained his degree in medicine and become a doctor. So, you can forgive us for falling for his prank when he claimed that Lunga had joined the “fraternity” and that the two of them were changing the image of doctors across the country. 

DJ Naves shared the picture/prank on his Twitter where he said: 

Just before we could open up the champagne and celebrate with Lunga, we had to do some fact checking. Not once has he ever mentioned that he is studying medicine or has intentions of becoming a doctor. While this isn’t conclusive in itself (not many of us knew that Naves was studying…) it was the first big hint that the news might not be true. 

Next: nobody on the timeline believed either of them, not least of all Sibu Mabena (the incredible local events guru) who was not buying this “announcement”.
If Lunga was already working in a hospital, we are certain he would have shared images from his graduation, or a tweet or something to mark the occasion but dololo. He’s not even wearing doctor scrubs! What a joke!

Main Image credit: Instagram/@lungashabalala
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