Lynn Forbes Shares Unhelpful Comments She Receives Following AKA's Murder

"I’m a broken mess"- she wrote

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It has been two weeks since rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, was laid to rest and his mother Lynn Forbes is still grieving and struggling to come to terms with his untimely passing.

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AKA was shot dead on 10 February in Durban when two gunmen opened fire on him and his team. Additionally, his friend Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane was also assassinated, while the musician's bodyguard was injured.

In an Instagram video montage, Lynn shared memories of AKA and her and opened up about her loss. She also shared a few well-intended but unhelpful comments she receives in an effort to comfort

Lynn said she misses her son a lot and some days she is a broken mess.

"I miss you so much Kiernan, Some days I’m a warrior. Some days I’m a broken mess.  Most days I’m a bit of both, but every day I have to be here Standing. Fighting. Trying The most helpful thing anyone has said to me during this painful time," she wrote.

She also shared the most helpful comment people have said to her during this painful time

“Whatever you are feeling, and whenever you are feeling it …. it’s OK”

Lynn also listed the most unhelpful well-intended comments to avoid saying to a grieving person

• How are you feeling?
• At least he didn’t suffer
• It was God’s plan
• God never gives you more than you can handle
• Be strong.

Fans and celebs have messages of support for Lynn.

@reidesmerelda commented "Hold on to the beautiful memories. Keeping you and the Family in my prayers

@lynah.s wrote, "It really hurts loosing a child. I hope his music and kid soothes your heart. My sincere heartfelt condolences. We loved Kiernan much more❤️

@itumelanin commented "I had to live with the pain of losing my mom from an early age and the only reason I keep going on is a verse from Revelation 21:4. It took me a while for a bible scripture to sink in and only after two decades I am able to accept.

Healing from bereavement is a lifetime journey I’ve come to learn, and there’s no better way to heal than to let the hurt overflow and release with the tides of time Mma ka Forbes,|

leekyliejacobs wrote, "I listen to his music more now than ever and hearing things I never heard before... Each song is lesson when before we played his songs to party and have fun now I realise all his subtle messages..... I also knew he was talented now I hear his intelligence in ever bar... He said things not just rhyme but to hit home..... It's not okay we want him back... We want here.... We this to never have happened... This is darkest hour."

@nelaolange wrote, "Sorry mommy Lynn. If I, who has known Kiernan only through his music feels this deeply saddened, I can’t begin to imagine your pain. You are in our prayers."

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