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The interview was interesting

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After Babes Wodumo’s horrific reveal of abuse during her radio interview on Metro FM’s The Drive on Friday last week, the accused, Mampintsha then went on to request his own interview on the same platform.

His enemies

As he’s mentioned before, Mampintsha insisted that there was a third hand in this and that his enemies are working hard to bring him down and that this was an ambush.

“The is a third person pushing this, in relationships, there is no one who does not have problems in their relationship, there’s never been anyone who was punched, bleeding or had a broken leg. That’s why people are even asking where is the broken leg? Where are the doctor’s notes? Since I started dating and working with Babes people have always had issues with that.


Now these allegations are serious because they’re tarnishing my name, my career & I have a family to feed. If I really punched Babes, that would’ve been revealed a long time ago, so I want people to be careful of what they say ‘cause I’m the most scared person on earth right now. I can see that the haters are using this platform for their own business gains.”

Him answering whether he did or did not abuse Babes physically

Masechaba asked Mampintsha directly whether he ever laid hands on Babes and his exact answer was; 

“The problem is that you (Masechaba) you were the person who was speaking a lot, speaking for Babes as if you know Babes. You were the one speaking about the punches and so forth I even got confused as to why was Babes not speaking because she was the one in the relationship, because the things you were discussing about punches and the breaking of legs has never happened."


So if you want to know if I’ve ever abused her, all I’m saying is that there is no one who has not experienced problems in their relationship. I’ve never punched Babes, I’ve never broken her leg. Yes, we’ve had problems, we fixed them and it ended at that, those are old problems. ”

He’s unaware of the breakup

In Babes interview she mentioned that she and Mampintsha are no longer together, however, Mampintsha sang a different tune and mentioned that he was unaware that they had broken up. He first heard of that they are no longer together over the radio interview she had on Friday. Mampintsha did go on to admit that he did post that Instagram picture of them together wearing their engagement rings.


If you listened to their interview what were your thoughts about the conversation?

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