Maps Maponyane And Nandos Engage In A 'Flirtatious' Exchange

Maps expressed how much he misses Nandos chicken.

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People all over social media have been missing their favourite franchises since the start of lockdown. News that the businesses would not operate left a bitter sweet feeling to all restaurant lovers.

Nandos has been one of those restaurants that people have been craving, with some trying to create the chicken that is closest to it, in order to feed their cravings.

Maps Maponyane recently took to Twitter to express just how much he misses his flame grilled chicken and he got a saucy response from the franchise. The businessman even attempted to make the chicken that resembles theirs by marinating his chicken pieces with Nandos’ sauces.

Tweeps expected a hilarious response from Nandos' Twitter page as they are notorious for their hysterical clap backs.

Maps tweeted "Nando's would hit the spot right now." Their response prompted Maps to ask whether they were flirting with him and his Buns Out Business.

"Your buns with our chicken. Sounds like a match made in heaven," they responded with love-struck emojis.

Maps could not help but play along and seemed to not have a problem with the possibility of them working together.

The union received it's blessings from DJ Black Coffee who has offered to play at the two restaurants' wedding.

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