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Mzansi celebrities and their star signs

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Pearl Thusi/Maps Maponyane
If there is one thing that we are most certain about, it’s that here in Mzansi, we are all big about our star signs. And there is nothing great as knowing that your favorite celebrity has the same zodiac sign as you do. 

It is for this reason that we have decided to put together a list of some of our fave celebs and their star signs. Fingers crossed you get a match!

Pearl Thusi

At the top of the list is one of the most acclaimed celebrities and media personalities in Mzansi. The Quantico star has time and time again proved that she is a boss babe and that there is no stopping her. 

For her well beloved fans, you will be happy to know that Pearl is a Taurus. As you may already know, the Taurus sign takes the shape of a bull and represents the element earth.

Taureans are known to be very diligent and hardworking individuals. They are also very smart and can come off as stubborn most of the time. Now if this does not describe who Pearl is and more, I don’t know what will. 

Maps Maponyane

Next up on the list is media personality and businessman Maps Maponyane who is always setting the internet ablaze with his great looks and never breaking smile. 

We love seeing him on our screens, and there is no denying that the cameras love him just as much. Maps, is a Pisces, which represents the element water taking the form of a pair of fish. 

Pisceans are well known for being emotionally intelligent and very creative as well.  In fact they make the best artists and poets because of their graceful and imaginative mind. Now while we may not know if Maps has a hidden poet in him, we have to agree that the man is quite graceful. 

Connie Ferguson

There is no way this list was going to miss the ever lovely Connie Ferguson. Ausi Connie has always stayed inspiring us and keeping her fans motivated even amidst the toughest of challenges. 

And with her great acting skills, we have to agree that she is The Queen Mzansi has never seen (pun intended). 

You will be glad to know that Connie is a Gemini; the star sign is symbolized by celestial twins, and are known to be very passionate about life in general. They are actually also caring and always identify with their social groups. 

They are also known to be very adventurers and intellectual beings and if there is one thing we know about Connie it’s that she is always looking for adventure and always remains young at heart. We love to see it. 

Cassper Nyovest

Yet another celebrity who is well loved by his legion of fans is Cassper, who continues to take the music industry by storm. It is always fun and exciting to catch up with his day to day, especially now that he is also keen on advancing his love for boxing. 

And just in case you have been curious to know what his star sign is, well it will surprise you to know that he is a Sagittarius. Also known as the archer star sign, Sagittarians are known to be very independent and assertive persons. 

And as if that is not enough they are also known to be loyal, caring and have a high appetite for physical activities such as sports. Doesn’t he represent this sign well? 

Somizi Mhlongo

The MC and actor has been one of Mzansi’s favorite celebrities for as long as we can remember. We are not only in love with his personality, but can we also talk about how he makes heads turn with his great sense in style and fashion? 

Somgaga happens to be a Capricon, who are said to be very hardworking and industrious individuals. In simple terms, they are pretty much all about the grind and chasing the bag. And is this not a perfect representation of Somizi? 

How many times has he announced on his social media that he is fully booked and busy? Or when is he not hosting an event? We love you Somgaga!

Nomzamo Mbatha

Last but not least we have Zamo who just had to make it on this line up. The media personality and social activist has constantly pulled at our heartstrings for her passionate personality and for always standing up for the things that she loves.

The actress identifies as a Cancer, who are known for their care giving nature. They are very attached to their loved ones and people they care about, more so emotionally and can sometimes come off as being too overprotective. 

Still they are easy to trust and rely on because you’ll always know that they have your back. And I can’t think of a better person to have your back like Zamo. Keep shining queen!

So tell us, did you get a match? 

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