Somizi's Relationship Status Is "Not Yet Uhuru"

He has opened boyfriend applications

By  | Feb 01, 2022, 09:35 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Somizi Mhlongo
Valentines is coming; where is your boyfriend?” Well, Somizi Mhlongo says he doesn’t have one, and his relationship status is “Not Yet Uhuru”. We’ll explain. 
The choreographer and actor recently took to Instagram to share his romantic woes. February is hailed as the month of love, and now that Valentines is coming, it has forced him to think about his love life. And so far, it looks like he doesn’t like what he sees, as he expressed in a recent video. 

How do I describe my love life, especially with Valentine's day coming, in a song? And I thought of this song…” he said before he went on to sing Not Yet Uhuru by Mam’Letta Mbulu. 
So my situation at the moment is Not Yet Uhuru. So please send your applications … To send your application, you need to be rich, you need to be slightly taller, you need to have a bond or bonds, you need to have a car, you need a 6 month bank statement. Let it not be uhuru to you. I’m still available for Valentines.” 

He said that he didn’t have a Valentine last year either, so he really wants one this year, and asked everyone watching the video to help him make his dream come true. 

You’ve got 13 days; come on guys! I take anything: Indian, Coloured, Black, Chinese, White, anything,” he continued. 
This comes just a few hours after he put out his Valentines charges. The price list included R70K for a 2-hour date, R25K for a drive-through date (whatever that is), and R2K for a Valentines hi 5 from him. 

He further said that he would only be available for the above activities until about 8pm, after which he would proceed to his own plans for the occasion. 

But it looks like he was only joking then, as he now says that he does not have a boyfriend and the applications are open for a new one. This is confusing, since Mzansi has been convinced that Somizi has been in a happy relationship with a new bae. 
He and his alleged new lover were spotted on vacation together, then subsequently at Groove, where the actor got angry when he spotted a partygoer filming him without his consent. They were also rumoured to have gotten matching Bentleys, and it looked like the relationship had certainly unlocked the next level. 

All this only for him to come and say that he is single and has no Valentines. So is there trouble in paradise for him, or was their relationship just misunderstood from the beginning? Either way, applications are open, so if you tick the boxes, shoot your shot! He’s Somizi after all. 
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