Cassper Is Worried About Slik Talk

Didn't he say he hates his guts?

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 03:40 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Life can surprise you. One minute a man can be the most hated in the entertainment industry because of his no filter, no bared held approach to celeb news. To being one of the most missed people on YouTube. Nobody thought Slik Talk would go M.I.A like this especially after three sagas have passed and he has not even uttered a word.

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Who would have thought the timeline would miss Slik Talk this much? The man has acquired a fan base so strong, that they want him to return just so he can bash people like Cassper Nyovest and so forth.

It's the second time now were people are calling for Slik Talk to at least share a 'proof of life' picture, or video clip, something. Even Sol Phenduka asked if Slik Talk is okay because the man has not said anything ever since the year began.

Many tweeps all agreed that they miss him, but some could not help but point out that there might be something fishy here.

Cassper Nyovest, his biggest "enemy" - for lack of a better word - also mentioned how he is also starting to get worried about Slik Talk and that he will probably give him a call just to check up on him.

"Lenna I'm getting worried now. I need to call and check him," said Cassper.

Soon, tweeps flocked his comments section asking whether he is the reason for Slik's sudden disappearance. Suspecting that the contract he signed probably bared him from not only trash talking Cassper, but other celebrities' as well.

A tweep said, "I am starting to suspect that part of the causes of the contract was that he never post again." Another corroborated this and said it probably did exist in the contract for Slik to not speak of Cassper ever again.

"Nyovest once tweeted and said if he loose he never speaks ill of  @casspernyovest and his Business or music again. so it looks like his posts\content evolved around Nyovest's name mostly just like everyone's else contents does. Mufasa's name is SA's entertainment."

In his last video in December, Slik said he has started respecting Cassper because he paid him the money which is R100K.

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Following the FameVsClout boxing match in December 22, 2021, he said, "I want to give a huge shoutout to Cassper Nyovest, his manager and the whole of ridging The Gap entertainment for the level of professional. Those guys kept the level of professionalism high and I appreciate that.

"You never know how big Cassper Nyovest is until an event like that happens. I have been doing my videos for over 2 years, I've trended multiple times. That was the first time ever that after an event like that, I'm getting calls from people that I thought were dead. That's how big he is," applauded Slik Talk.

"When he looked in my eye, he saw somebody that was prepared to die in that ring. I was not leaving that ring without the money. People I did get the money," he said.

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