Menzi Ngubane is alive and well

The actor has had enough

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South Africa has been known as the country that makes light of serious matters not to put down their seriousness but to laugh about thing has become a coping mechanism. 

Unfortunately some people have taken this too far and due to that some people have had enough. People like Menzi Ngubane whose health has been a point of worry for South African fans of the actor for a while. A tweet did the rounds where someone used a play on words which some people actually took as the said person announcing the passing of the acting veteran. 

People didn't find it funny, especially his wife Sikelelo Sishuba who when speaking to TshisaLive stated that "He is well and very much alive. He has seen the posts and doesn't think they are funny. He's not happy and isn't taking it lightly. It (death) isn't something to joke about. What if someone thought he was actually dead?" 

No further action will be taken by the family but people seriously have to learn when to reel it in. 

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