Mihlali Ndamase Needs A Boyfriend To Help Her Get Through Load Shedding

Any takers?

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Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, is fed up with the re-introduction of load shedding, which has left South Africans in darkness for lengthy periods of time throughout the day. The beauty blogger, who had mixed feelings about relationships in the last few months, appears to have come up with a plan to entertainment herself during the darkness – a boyfriend! 

In a series of tweets shared on Thursday, 3 September 2020, Mihlali documented the moments leading up to her returning home to no electricity, as the country experienced Stage 4 of load shedding. She tweeted, “I’m not gonna have electricity from 8pm till midnight, personally I need a boyfriend ASAP. I’m gonna come home and sit in the dark alone?!  I hate it here.”

A long list of applicants began vying for the position of Mihlali's man, with one questioning her on wanting a boyfriend and not a husband, to which she responded with, “Can I date someone first lol”. 

Mihlali has been open about her feelings towards the male population in recent weeks, with her outright stating that South African men are the lowest of low. In July 2020, the influencer went as far as to pledge a vow of celibacy, stating that she plans on not being intimate for the rest of the year, and is hoping to feel confident enough to extend her decision to the middle of 2021. She has also landed in hot whatever for her TMI moments on Twitter which saw her candidly talking about her sex life, which many felt was inappropriate. 

Despite her back and forth feelings about men and relationships, one thing is for sure – the Queen of Twitter will let us know!

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