Minnie Dlamini Has Another Fashion Fail

Her return to media dominance continues to meet obstacles.

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Minnie Dlamini coined the term “South Africa’s diamond.” A sentiment which was true during the height of her career as the leading “IT girl” of the industry where her legs and overall body were considered the standard. Then she went ahead and got married and reinvented her brand as a wife, sports and lifestyle presenter and businesswoman.

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However, after six years of marriage, Minnie and her ex-husband Quinton Jones announced their divorce. After processing the news of her divorce, Minnie has used 2022 and 2023 to re-establish herself again as one of the leading media personalities in the entertainment industry.

But her return has seemingly been paved by more scandals and misses than it has with wins. This comes as even Minnie's looks have been questioned a lot of late. As reported

Media personality and actress Minnie Dlamini's looks continues to be the under scrutiny as more tweeps continues to criticize her. Photographed during her movie premier 'The Honeymoon', Dlamini's looks came under fire as tweeps felt as though she was underwhelming.

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Minnie Dlamini continues to be under tweeps wrath where her looks are concerned. Recently, after posting her beautiful pictures on Twitter, The Honeymoon actress was met with a tough crowd yet again who attacked her looks with no mercy. In the past, Dlamini has been body shamed to no limits and publicly ridiculed for her divorce from her ex-husband, Quinton Jones.

During the premiere of her upcoming movie 'The Honeymoon' that will be released at cinemas at the end of the month. Dlamini has been subjected to constant trolling and torment, as scores of tweeps expressed their disappointments with her looks. 
This of course is outside of the success of her female-centred rom-com The Honeymoon which proved to be a box office winner during its first week of release. Recently, Minnie attended an event and even her fans could not lie to her about her recent outfit choice. 

Minnie Dlamini has another fashion fail

Minnie was part of the ZAlebs that flew all the way to Cape Town to attend the exclusive premiere of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte premiere event. Obviously themed in accordance to the period the series will be set in, it seems that Minnie and designer Asanda Madyibi failed at translating the theme as the comments section was filled with her followers suggesting that she must work with another designer. 
Asanda has been behind Minnie’s recent fashion looks which have repeatedly received unfavourable comments when Minnie posts them.

However, Minnie might not be willing to part with the designer as the two are friends. This is as Asanda is also the go-to designer for Minnie’s closest industry friend Unathi Nkayi. However, it seems that Asanda and Unathi have a better fashion rapport as Unathi’s style is usually Afro-centric in its aesthetic. 
Therefore, it seems that Asanda is better at designing for Unathi than Minnie. 

Therefore, it might be beneficial for Minnie to return to working with the likes of Gert Johan-Coetzee who seemed to have a better understanding of dressing Minnie and had a contemporary eye on fashion which not only complimented Minnie but also accentuated the parts of her body which is most celebrated.  

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