Minnie Shuts Down Rumours Of Bad Blood With Shauwn

Minnie and Shauwn are still pretty much close

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Last week, a video Shauwn Mkhize posted sparked a wide debate on whether there is any bad blood between her and Minnie Dlamini. The businesswoman and soccer club owner was partying with her son Andile Mpisane at Ntosifiso Garden in Kwaggafontein, Mpumalanga. They were accompanied with a heavy security presence.

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She shared a video highlighting what went down that night and in it, we can see Shauwn partying with socialite Kefilwe Mabote, Pearl Thusi, and others to enjoy a homecoming hosted by Bafana Sindane.

Pearl Thusi then hugged Shauwn and excitedly admired her outfit but Minnie Dlamini gave Shauwn a very b*tchy look and this had her followers wondering what was up.

But, Minnie Dlamini quickly poured water to these rumours and shared a hilarious video tagging Shauwn Mkhize in it. In the video the man cautions people who are dating from the Dlamini and Mkhize clan, to stop playing with their lives. The man then cries showing that he is not for dating the people from those tribes.

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Minnie tagged Shauwn and asked her 'what is this person saying?' then Shauwn laughed and said, "Hayinoboooo this person is playing with us, we are zulu girls and very sweet."

There you have it folks, there is no bad blood between Minnie and Shauwn.

Shauwn Mkhize's family was embroiled in a whole lot of drama these past few weeks with Andile Mpisane's baby mama making some defamatory allegations against them.

Sithelo alleged that she was abused by Andile, "I am not one to speak about anything concerning my private life. More especially where my kids are involved. But everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far. I have been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of my peace but today I will not be silenced," she said.

It is also said that Andile Mpisane allegedly questions the paternity of both their daughters.

Sunday World reported that Andile demands to know the paternity of both his kids with Sithelo Shozi, Baby Flo and Likuwe Coco Mpisane

Andile allegedly doubts the paternity of both kids with Sithelo because she was apparently unfaithful throughout their relationship. 

According to the publication, Andile's lawyers Taleni Godi Kupiso Inc. sent a letter, and it reads in part: 

“Our client has in recent past requested that you both take paternity tests in respect of Baby Flo and Baby Coco to lay to rest the old rumours of infidelity on your part during the time when the kids were conceived, and instead of addressing our client’s genuine request, you opted to divert attention from the real issues at hand by throwing up allegations of abuse against our client.”

“To that end, our client will not be distracted by your sideshows and has secured an appointment with the laboratory to perform the aforesaid tests on the 11th or the 13th of July 2022…kindly refrain from your continued attacks and insults on our client’s mother and direct any communication to our offices,” continues the letter.

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