Kefilwe Mabote Is Living It Up In Dubai

She is no stranger to the luxurious life

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Kefilwe Mabote is one of South Africa's most famous and well liked influencers, and she has amassed a large following on social media. Her Instagram following currently stands at 1.3 million and she is no stranger to the luxurious life

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The influencer and businesswoman is currently living it up in Dubai and we are here for it. A scat porn video that went viral recently on social media has made Dubai a trending topic in Mzansi. Many social media users have regretted their decision after watching the video, which depicts a man taking a dump on a woman's mouth.

The video was shared by a TikTok user who titled it “Dubai Porta Potty." It appears that rich men, known as blessers, perform such acts with young girls for sexual favors. They promise them a luxurious life in exchange for sexual favors.

Now, many people are skeptical about visiting Dubai. While it's merely rumors that the strange occurrence takes place in Dubai, Kefilwe is not bothered. Sis is booked and busy. She is on a business-fun trip and she has been serving the content we signed up.

Kefilwe has always maintained she affords her soft life without a man. She was previously romantically linked with businessman Edwin Sodi before their disastrous break up.

Sodi was embroiled in a multimillion rand asbestos audit contract in 2014. He was arrested on corruption charges with the Hawks having seized over R300 million worth of possessions and over twenty-five luxury cars.

Kefilwe's involvement in his looting was questioned by trolls but she told them that she had nothing to do with it. Recently, she said that she built her brand by herself and that it was not built by a man.

"Once in a while you need to set the record straight. And I will do so, and once only. My brand was never made nor built by a man. All the men I have previously dated humiliated me to the point of no return. Some, even went to the extent of taking all the bags and clothes they bought for me to see if I'm, strong enough to do it without them. 

"Some even took the cars and gifts back but even this has never stopped me from bouncing back. Much like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes because at the end of the day, you can never keep a good girl down," she stated.

Image Cred: Instagram @Kefilwe_Mabote

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