People can't stop congratulating Mo Flava on his "new jet"

South Africans are hilarious

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mo Flava  | Top of The


After a pamphlet of him standing next to a jet that was photoshopped in the picture, DJ Mo Flava found himself being congratulated for his supposed new jet.

Now let's be clear, the man did not purchase a jet, it was just a pamphlet of the latest gig he'll be performing at, butΒ people decided to have fun with it and congratulate Mo Flava on his "new jet".

Mo Flava tried to explain that it's not like that but people weren't trying to hear it at all.

Don't block your blessings Mo Flava, receive that blessing, your jet is coming soon.

People were seriously not trying to hear his side.

Wait,Β  maybe Mo Flava really did buy a jet and is just trying to evade the tax man by trying to stop people from congratulating him.


Congratulations Mo..


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Moflava