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Today, 9 July 2021 marks the 26th birthday of Mohale Motaung whom a lot of people know from Somizi’s reality show Living The Dream With Somizi. Celebrating this special day in his life, Mohale is sparring no coins. He began his celebrations at the Marriot hotel counting down to the big day. At the moment he is treating himself to a spa date at the Arona Day Spa in Johannesburg.

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Some of Motaung’s fans were surprised to see that he was not spending his day with Somizi. The two have been reported to be going through a heavy divorce, however, Mohale has rubbished the rumours and maintains that they are doing just fine.

In a recent interview with The Citizen, Mohale assured his fans that he is not divorcing Somizi. However, he did admit that things have been rocky in his marriage and they are working through them.

"I am not getting a divorce. People are saying I am getting a divorce, where guys? Marriages go through some things, ups and downs. So people take what they see and they run with it. There was just a phase like any other couple, we are not getting a divorce. Things are okay," said Mohale according to the publication.

It’s almost midday and Som G has posted nothing on social media about Mohale’s big day. This is rather strange taking into account the fact that his husband was quoted as saying that they are not getting a divorce. Also, Mohale penned Somizi a heartfelt message on his 48th birthday in  December 2020.

“If someone sat down and tried to outline the qualities that a stellar partner has, I'm sure the list of qualities would include things like loving, caring, kind, sympathetic, strong, compassionate, astute, intelligent, hardworking, driven, humorous and little would that person writing that list know that they were describing you!” Gushed Mohale about Somizi.

The last time Somg63 posted on Instagram was when he dished valuable advice to his fans about how celebrities fake everything on social media.

“Good Morning. I am definitely sure someone wants to hear this or needs to hear this. I woke up this morning and I’m like – I’m grateful I’ve got a roof over my head. I’ve got food and most importantly I’ve got my health,” he stated in his wisdom-filled video.

“I sometimes also remember days when I wake up and I wish I never woke up. That is when you know that you either depressed or you are going through a lot of things and you wish you want to throw in the towel. And that is when again I am grateful for the spirit that I have. That 10 percent of that positive mindset is very important.”

He assured his fans that most of the things they see on social media is fake. “Problems start when you are going through something and you think you are going through it alone based on what you see. Social media has killed a lot of people’s spirits because there is 99% fakeness.”

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