Catching up with "Keeping Score's" Moliehi Makobane

Moliehi Makobane, an actress who has a lot to offer when it comes to the TV & Film Industry.

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Best known for her roles on eKasi stories, Intersexions and YaLLa,  we caught up with Moliehi to hear more of her new role on Keeping Score and her great admiration for Sonia Sedibe.

Although Moliehi is no stranger to the acting industry, like many other up and coming actors we have no doubt that she has so much more to offer when it comes to her role as an actress.

Moliehi who is currently on SABC 2's Keeping Score works alongside veteran actress, Sonia Sedibe. Moliehi has expressed the opportunity to work alongside Sonia as one great learning experience.


"I've learned so much from Sonia, especially when it comes to the importance of remaining humble, no matter what level you may be at in your profession. I think that'sthe fine line that determines whether you'll be a keeper or not in the industry. 

Sonia has also taught me the value of working hard and not adopting the attitude yokuthi you've arrived. Sonia still works like she's brand new to the industry and it's really awesome to watch and witness her in action. Working with her has been wonderful, we've even developed a friendship outside of our working environment, so it's really awesome to have people of that caliber in my life."


Her most notable characters to date was when she acted on Mzansi Magic's YaLLa and on SABC 2's Keeping Score as Botho Mohapi. The actress has mentioned that acting both characters has been interesting and challenging at the same time.  She's had to completely embody two different characters who are world's apart, which is something she also appreciates as it has stretched her as an actress far beyond her comprehension.

Keeping Score

Working in such a challenging and small industry which sometimes tends to use the same talent for acting and presenting opportunities can be extremely difficult. We asked Moliehi her views about the ongoing discourse about the issue of opening up the industry.

And this is what she had to say;

"I think the industry is warming up to up and coming actors but I also think there is still room for improvement. Also, I think it's important to acknowledge that there is a starting point where you won't start at a professional level immediately, but I think it's great that the industry gets opened up to new actors.

Everyone has something to offer. I am a Wits graduate and I know of so many young, talented performers out there who are really struggling to break into the industry because it's almost as if the industry has its own people which is a bit unfair. I believe it's fair to give people an opportunity first, see what they'll do with the opportunity and decide what will be done going forward."

Interesting fact about Moliehi is that she also featured on Donald's music video for his visual album.

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