EXCLUSIVE: Moonchild Signs To Transgressive Records And Release New Single!

The single titled Bashiri, ribs preachers who use the church for capital gain.

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Talented musician Moonchild Sanelly, has debuted her new single titled Bashiri. The banger ribs preachers, who use the church for capital gain. Moonchild whose career in the music space has been nothing short of amazing, has also signed to Transgressive Records.

“Bashiri is a song inspired by a woman’s testimony in a church where the pastor is treated like a god whilst monetizing religion. People pay for ‘miracle oil’ whilst the pastor lands at the service in a helicopter, being treated like God himself despite taking money from his congregation,” she said.

This song is from the perspective of a Bashiri disciple, whose husband was cheating. In the song, this woman is lamenting her relationship and takes her husband to her pastor, who promises that he can perform a miracle to make her husband faithful. Which is weird because infidelity is not solved through prayer and tithing.
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Speaking about signing to Transgressive Records she said “I’m super excited to finally find a label that gets it, and is ready to fly my message across the world. It’s about to get Globally LIT. I’m excited.”

Fearless, inclusive, and a lot of fun, Moonchild Sanelley is a truly Transgressive artist, that is only just getting started. Her iconic personal style combined with an outspoken approach to female sexual empowerment has built her devoted fanbase, celebrated recently with her body-positive #thunderthighschallenge on TikTok. She is a global superstar waiting to happen” according to Damon Albarn.

Speaking about their new signee Transgressive said“Uncompromising, groundbreaking and immediately distinctive, as soon as you’ve encountered Moonchild, you won’t forget it. Easily one of the most intoxicating voices, writers, performers, and spokespersons we’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming to the Transgressive family. It’s gonna be a trip.”

Congratulations on your new signing sis.

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