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Hailed as your mom’s favourite beat boxer and the man who knows how to produce seven sounds in one mouth Morgan Beat Boxer is one celebrity beat boxer that has made a name for himself on both the local and international front.  The beat boxing entertainer took time to visit ZAlebs at our headquarters to show off one man "band" skills.
Watching Morgan perform, one would compare him to another talented beat boxer in the country who goes by the name of George Avakian. ZAlebs asked Morgan if he ever finds himself constantly being compared to George when it comes to South African beat boxers.
“No one has really compared me to George; the thing is we’re both in two different leagues and performance wise we perform differently in terms of technique and presentation.  If you actually consider this, how many rappers are there in the country? With that in mind why can’t we have just as many beat boxers, if not more?
Morgan is quite the globetrotter thanks to his talent he’s toured countries like Holland where he performed with international artist Jeff Deblou but interestingly enough it’s not the international artists that Morgan enjoys performing with but our very own local celebrities:
“I absolutely enjoyed performing with the Big Dawg (DJ Fresh) I used to listen to his album compilations quite a lot when I was in primary school and never in my entire life did I think I’d actually one day perform with him on one stage in front of thousands of people.  Another favourite act that I enjoyed performing with was the Parlotones and our performance together was a big deal for me.”
We obviously couldn’t let Morgan do the interview without doing a little something something for us and whilst he performed for our staff it seemed as though the young man had been beat boxing since he was in diapers!

“I actually started beat boxing when I was in Grade 11, the bug bit me when I was beat boxing to myself in class.  We obviously couldn’t play music with our phones so I would just create music with my mouth one of my friends suddenly told me to turn my phone off as I was making a noise, but it wasn’t my phone it was my mouth.   He was so impressed that he suggested that I beat box for some kids during lunch time, by the time I was finished there was like a hundred kids surrounding me causing a roar of pandemonium that’s when I realised that I could actually make some form of entertainment and a career out of this.”
If you’ve seen Morgan perform you’ll realise that he does not only come on stage and start beat boxing the 21 year old actually takes his audience on a journey to create a holistic visual and audio storyline of what he’s performing.
“A lot of interviews that I do people only think that I’m a beat boxer and honestly I’d prefer to consider myself an all-round entertainer because beat boxing is like 70% of my shows the other 30% would be stand-up comedy which I use to tell my beat boxing stories.  That’s why I always say that beat boxing battles I’d say are totally different from what I do because I mostly entertain whereas they get on stage just to start battling and fortunately or unfortunately entertaining is what pays the bills.”
With such a talent it would be unfair to his fans if Morgan passed on the opportunity of recording an album, we asked if there's an album launch in the pipelines for him in the future.
"I have tried to do an album, where I recorded ten clips of my beatboxing material which was high quality studio work.  I'd send my work to the relevant people but they'd send my C.D back telling me that the work was all fake, then I'd have to actually perform the tracks on C.D live to convince them that the work they heard on the C.D was actually me.  But i don't think a beat boxer can make a full ablum by himself so I just usually prefer to make videos and hope they go viral."
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