Inside Moshe Ndiki's vacation

Moshe chases the heat

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Moshe Ndiki announced as the new host of Uyang'Thanda Na?

Uyangthanda Na'? presenter and The Queen actor, Moshe Ndiki, has been establishing his brand in the media industry, and it's clear when you take note of how he now hold's two television gigs at once - loosely translated - he's been stacking up the coins. 

The entertainer took to Mozambique on a one-man vacation, and as he's shared his experience with us on social media, we can tell he's been having a blast. Here are some of our favourite snaps:

Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki moshendiki

Yesterday 😭 #Moshembique

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