Moshe Ndiki on being an actor, musician and his next big role

Moshe has got more to offer in 2018.

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Moshe Ndiki

Youtube sensation-turned-media personality, Moshe Ndiki has a lot up his sleeve and still has a lot to reveal to the masses in 2018. And though many know him from his hilarious videos, Moshe has been putting in the work since day one.

We might only be getting to see Moshe as an actor now, after landing his first big gig on The Queen, however, speaking to ZAlebs, Moshe shares that his love for acting has always been there and he majored in acting while still at varsity.

“I’ve got a degree in TV presenting and acting, I studied at AFDA in 2010 and I left...I did my second and third year there (City Varsity) and I got my BA degree in performing arts and I majored in acting…”

His character Prince, on The Queen might seem similar however Moshe says that they are very different from each other as his parents were more accepting of him when he opened up about being gay.

“Sometimes it can be a bit hectic, me and Prince grew up very, very differently. His parents don’t accept him in terms of his sexuality...whereas my parents did. My parents never chased me out of the house, when they found out about me being gay, if anything, they were very supportive..."

As an actor Moshe said that he found other ways to relate to the characters struggles as for him, growing up, he had faced some rejection from society as a gay man.

“ having to get into an emotion of rejection because of your sexuality, it’s weird, I tap into it using societies rejection because one thing that was funny was that my mom was accepting but the rest of society wasn’t…”

Moshe scored his biggest acting deal in 2017 however he tells ZAlebs that there is more to be expected from him on the big screen as he has scored a role in a local movie.

“There is so much that I’m about to do, and so much that I’m involved in…I’m gonna be staying between Joburg and Cape Town because I’m shooting a movie in Cape Town, so I just got another role…It was so funny cause it was the first thing that I’ve actually auditioned and got, the character that I’m going to be playing is literally worlds I was very stunned when I got’s not like I don’t deserve it...I must have done something really awesome for the casting director to think I deserved that role…I can't say much about it but it's going to be fun."

Amongst many things that the media personality juggles, Moshe Ndiki says that he’s always wanted to try out music, he’s looking to do more work in music this year.

“It was last year when I thought...I’m young and I’ve always wanted to try out music and the type of music I like I’d like to go into is Gqom, if I didn’t do it now then when was I going to do it? It's something that I’m still going to keep on working on...I’ve got my Choza music video that I’m still gonna shoot and do...I’m just giving everything it’s proper time..."

The Uyang'ThandaNa presenter says that although he might be single and juggling many roles in the industry, he is still very grateful for the blessings he has received as he went from being a Youtube sensation to working with big production houses. 

“It’s been hectic, in terms of schedules. With Youtube, it was more on my time and now on TV it’s more on the production houses time. It’s just the recognition you get for it. I’m very very blessed and very very grateful although it can get a little overwhelming…"

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