Moshidi Motshegwa on why she was determined to do well at school

She was all about getting her straight A's.

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Born to strict parents, whom one was a principal, Moshidi knew that more would be expected from her when it came to her grades in school. Especially after receiving a bursary.

She's probably one of the most respected female actresses in the game and one who is very disciplined when it comes to her craft.

In a recent interview on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast show, we quickly came to learn that Moshidi's sense discipline came at a very young age when she was still in school. 

"My parents were strict and being a daughter of a principal is not a joke, you're held to higher standards and my mom and dad put a lot of themselves into our education..."

Moshidi explained how she knew that very early at a young age that she had to perform extremely well at school because of the background she came from and also the opportunities she was offered.

 ..also, going from a township school to a private knew that your parents didn't have the money and also when I went to matric I had a full-on bursary from Nedbank. Nedbank had an Art bursary at the time, and every term I had to do well, it was not an option.

I used to take a bus from Braamfontein and go downtown to get this gentleman to sign to say that I will get money for the next term. So it wasn't a joke, I knew what was at stake, I knew I needed to get in and get out. If the other kids were smoking, I couldn't do that, if they were being naughty I couldn't do that, I was there on a purpose mission and the mission needed to be accomplished and I needed to get out." [sic]


Because of her determination to do well at school, Moshidi admitted that she was somewhat of a boring teenager. 

"The thing is, once you have the pressure of someone paying for your school fees, it's like your childhood is gone. You're not going to do the things that other kids are doing. So I get very sad when I hear stories of people who failed and they had so much money invested in them, I mean what do you need? Minimum requirement, just pitch up and write the exam. It's not set up for coolness, the situation I was in."

She also never dated in high school but admits that she did test the boundaries once when she messed around with a bad boy in her hood.

"I was not even allowed outside of the yard, my dad had a gate and he used to say 'I’ll kill the person who waits at the gate…' and he meant it. I once got quite a beating from my mother for coming home after five, and then she heard that I was with a really bad boy. He was proper bad."

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