Msaki's Cryptic Message Raises Eyebrows

The singer has her fans worried about her state of mind following her tweet

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Msaki has her fans worried sick following her very cryptic tweep that has since raised eyebrows. The singer and song writer took to social media to to write a message that left many tongues wagging.

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After being alleged to have been embroiled in other people's relationship and marriage the past few weeks, Singer Msaki has since came forth to break her silence. Although the Msaki did not admit nor deny what she was accused of, however her response seemed to have rubbished the rumors.

Last night the singer took to Twitter to detail a very cryptic tweet that has her fans and followers at the edge of their seats. In the tweet, Msaki admits how she knows that she won't be around for far too long, which has since had tweeps wondering what the singer really meant.

"I know I’m not made to be here for long. My heart is way too supple. I’ve also known this since from those first falls on the playground nursing scabs with monkey blood . I accepted it in a very deep place. Art is the only way I could live long" wrote Msaki
The concerned fans and followers notice the almost misleading and worrying tweet, and they took under comments to assure Msaki that they have her back. Tweeps rallied behind the singer and confessed their undying love to her.

Fans have urged Msaki to not allow the public to dictate over her life, this of course comes after the singer was rumored to have been involved and or cheated with another married men, when she is also married with three kids.

"I just love you man You Give me so much hope through your music .I have literally gotten the courage to turn my life by just being inspired by your song .You were so right on your tweet the other day,we do see your heart" wrote Buhlebezwer
"Msaki you are a public figure yes, but don't allow the public to dictate your life. Iba wuwe sis wam" wrote Blissful Richie
"Understanding that your soul has been here many times before and each time, you have done exactly what you needed to, is the most soothing part of knowing what you are sharing right now" wrote Ntombendala
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