Musa Mseleku Accused Of Wanting MaNgwabe Out Of The Marriage

Viewers are certainly not jumping for joy so far with the show

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The new season of Uthando Nes'thembu has already started on a bad foot. Following the recent outrage over the first episode that saw Musa Mseleku angers scores of viewers.

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Following Monday's episode, viewers were up and arms about some of the things they do no appreciate from Musa Mseleku and how he treats his wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaNgwabe and MaKhumalo.

Viewers are more convinced that Musa Mseleku secretly doesn't want his third wife MaNgwabe in the marriage. The pair have had their fair share of trials and tribulations which has also contributed to rumors of divorcing. Tweeps are concerned that perhaps Musa Mseleku is low key wishing for MaNgwabe to leave already.

"I feel like Mseleku wants Mangwabe to leave already but he just doesn’t want it to come from him" wrote Rabo Sokhuku
Meanwhile some viewers have called MaNgwabe out for using her marriage to Musa Mseleku for her own benefits. Viewers are convinced that, now that she has elevated in life she want out. Tweeps have called MaNgwabe toxic for the behavior she depicts on television and some of the disrespect she portrays conveys to the viewers.

"#mseleku Mangwabe is toxic. Her kids opening a gate instead of an elder doing it is classified as abuse to her. Her mentality is not fit for isthembu #Uthandonesthembu" wrote M. Nkoale
"Ukhuthi how she found her self in isthembu with her mentality still boggles my mind" wrote Steve Anatomy
One tweep went on to claim that MaNgwabe have milked her marriage with Musa Mseleku for her own and her family benefits. Reportedly, MaNgwabe completed her studies while married to Musa Mseleke. She is also said to be in partnership with her brother on an entertainment business by using Musa Mseleku's papers.

"She was there for the bag… completed her studies has a job, partnered with her bro to open a nice entertainment chilled spot with Mseleku’s papers!! Now sisi wants out!!!" wrote Letso
Meanwhile Thobile MaKhumalo is accused of seeking validation from Musa Mseleku because she is unable to have children. Forth wife MaKhumalo recently bought herself a brand new car just the other day.

"Thobile wants validation from mseleku cause she can't bear children” wrote Angela
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