Mzansi Talks About Cars

This is how much Mzansi knows about cars

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What do you know about cars and the functionality of everything that it has?
Having or owning a car is a big deal, especially for celebrities, as it is the status quo. They get to own big and luxurious cars that will leave you green with envy just because they can afford them and they are also able to maintain them. There are a number of South African celebrities that have everyone talking because of what they drive. They are living large and the wheels on their drive ways can attest to that.

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Cassper Nyovest, DJ Black Coffee, Shauwn Mkhize, Connie Ferguson, Boity Thulo, DJ Tira, Amanda Du Pont and Bonang are just but a few of the celebrities who own the most expensive cars in Mzansi
However, owning a car does not necessarily mean you know everything there is to know about the car. Have you ever seen a certain part of your car and you had no idea what it does or what it was for? We recently asked our Zalebs followers on Facebook to guess what a certain part of a car does and the answers surprised us.

We samples some of the answers for you.

This followers answered that it was a foot break and a hand break.

Some people went to the extent to even suggest the type of car it could be.

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Others could not help themselves and they had to comment about the car being dirty.

We also had a person from Botswana and Tanzania suggest what it is for.

More answers

This one follower decided to school us and it was interesting.

It was a really interesting engagement and Mzansi’s comments made it all worthwhile and fun to read. Don’t you agree? 

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