Nadia Nakai Was Also Fooled By "Alcohol Sale Ban" Fake News

Even celebs rushed to stock up before another ban

By  | Aug 26, 2020, 12:41 PM  | Nadia Nakai  | Top of The

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The whole of Mzansi was in a frenzy yesterday after a voice note started circulating online, that the alcohol sale ban would return with immediate effect. The streets were filled with people rushing to stock up and liquor stores had the longest lines since the 1994 elections.

Nadia Nakai, among many, was no exception.

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The talented rapper admits that she made sure to stock up enough, given how big her house is, we can only imagine how much booze she bought. Her many of her followers even had a theory that the liquor industry was behind the fake news, in order to drive up sales.

Whoever is behind the fake news, was able to fool the whole nation and increase alcohol sales within a day.

Do you think the alcohol industry is behind the fake news? 

Main Image Credit: Fakaza News
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