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There is so much to the actress than meets the eye

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Nambitha Ben Mazwi is one actress that has proved that women can deliver remarkable work in the arts industry.

Ben Mazwi who recently bagged a role on eTV Scandal as Shado, has proven just how multi talented she is from appearing on several television commercials, presenting on several radio and television programmes and MC'ing several events. 

For those unfamiliar with this distinguished actress, here is a short background.
Nambitha Ben Mazwi is aged 30 years old and is a University graduate with an honours degree in Business and Science Marketing. She attended her tertiary education at the University of Cape Town and she has worked as a marketing strategist, in business development, on radio and television both in South Africa and abroad.
 Her first role on TV was on Mzansi Magic drama, Doubt, as Unathi Mweli. Nambitha Ben Mazwi then lived in the United States of America for a while and during her time in New York City, she obtained another role as Tamara in a drama series Black Mirror.
 In 2015, Nambitha was one of the top 11 finalists of the presenter search on SABC 3 amongst other thousands of contestants who were auditioned. She then got a role in eTV drama Broken Vows as Lulama.
She was also cast for a minor role in the second season of eKasi+ police procedural series Traffic!, which also aired on eTV.

 In 2017 she played the character of Nandi in series called Madiba which was screened on Discovery Channel and also as Benathi in the SABC1 drama series Diamond City in 2018.
Most recently she has been appearing on our screens as Shado, a club hostesss, on eTV's Scandal! 

Despite the fact that Nambitha is beautiful and successful, the actress has opened up on her Instagram page that she is single and that she is taking a year off relationships in order to heal from her previous experiences.
 "I am indeed single...waiting to be found. I took a year off dating last year because it was my year to heal from A LOT."
 She also explained that she was focusing on loving herself and helping other young girls and women in developing themselves.
 "I experienced love in a whole new way. I adopted a crèche in Alex, hosted and served more in my outreaches, invested more in my passion for young girls and women which saw me start my greatest love, #SheSpeaks by Lady Nam. I became so vulnerable, so overwhelmed by love for people that I would counsel every girl that reached out to me via DM” Taking a solo trip to a magical place, treating and romancing myself daily with experiences, is my love language to myself. And to adorn me and see myself the way God sees me." 

Ben Mazwi also told TshisaLive that when she was growing up, many teased her for her dark complexion and she has used that experience to educate other young girls to be comfortable in their skin.
 "There was a nickname that I will never forget. There is a bird that's pitch black and people used to sing a song calling me that bird," "Although I have never been told that my skin was the reason for me not getting roles, I have tried to work with what I have and work with Pan-African productions where I know that I have the look. I tend to go where I am celebrated and block off everything else," 

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Nambitha Ben Mazwi continues to soar and inspire other young women in the arts industry.

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