Is the narrator for Cishe Ngafa Scotho's black cat?

The new series tells the stories of survivors who escaped the clutches of death. 

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Cishe Ngafa

And although we miss our Mseleku family, we must admit, Cishe Ngafa (I should've died) is one interesting new show that will either make you freak out and not want to step out of your house or it will make you appreciate life even more.

Whilst others complained about the show (As always) we were rather intrigued by the narrator of the show who apparently turns out to be the evil black cat on iGazi as well.

Even people on social media recognized that the narrators voice was far too familiar 

However, some people are disputing that it's Scotho's cat that's the narrator of the show but  have clarified that its the actor that plays the role of Zack Phiri on The Queen that is the actual narrator of Cishe Ngafa.


But wait, guys who is the voice behind the black cat then?

Black Cat

We've also heard that the cat's voice also sounds like Jonga's voice as well. So who knows, maybe Jonga was receiving two pay slips on iGazi and now he's getting his coins on Cishe Ngafa.

Did you watch Cishe Ngafa last night? What are your thoughts about the show and the narrator?

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