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How disappointing

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It seems as though Nasty C's dream of collaborating with rap genius Jay-Z, will be put on hold for another few years. This after the American rapper pulled a prank on him for April fools.

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Jay-Z topped the trends list after many applauded him for working with African talent on his supposed Tidal exclusive album titled β€˜The Ascension'. This African-themed album would have featured Ivyson hitmaker Nasty C and other African acts including Sarkodie, Olamide and Femi Kuti. The rapper was also going to feature his wife BeyoncΓ©, following in her footsteps as she too had an African themed album, 'The Gift.'

In his statement he released via Roc Nation website he said, β€œI've always wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect to the motherland. You know, Africa is blessed with so much talent and I felt like it was time to tap into that resource. The Ascension is not just talking or focusing on Africa but it's also about me giving back to the people, familiarizing with the culture and connecting more with the motherland.”

But much to many Nasty C fans' disappointment, there is no rap album from Jay-Z meaning he will not be working with the mogul any time soon. He even shared the track list on his social media, but after being pranked by many April Fools jokes, his fans did not buy it.
Now, as much as many April Fool's jokes should be taken with a grain of salt, this one could possibly be in the works. We mean who could waste so much money on artwork but still be joking about it. Jay-Z is a billionaire anyway so it's just small change to him.

We are crossing our fingers though!

Other April fool's jokes which many almost believed. Iconic house music maestro Oskido was said to be leaving Kalawa Jazmee. After 30 years in the game, and giving life to Kalawa Jazmee since the late 80's, Oskido fooled many to believing he would be bowing out.

Yesterday, Kalawa Jazmee's social media page announced the rather shocking news and wrote, "After years of contributing towards the talent of Mzansi and building a record label that played a role in the music industry today, @OskidoIBeliev bids farewell to Kalawa Jazmee."

Robert Marawa tricked many into believing that he would be leading SA into victory as the new coach of Bafana Bafana.  "I'm really looking forward to meeting the guys and making some massive changes into the Bafana Bafana structure and calling players that haven't been seen and players that haven't even been heard of but who are South African. Here's to a journey and I hope that South Africans will support me. I am ready to take on this new role as Bafana Bafana coach."

We highly advise that you should take every social media post with a grain of salt every 1st of April!

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