Nasty C is certain he'll be a billionaire by 30

Nasty C is working towards becoming a billionaire 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nasty C  | Top of The

Nasty C

Nasty C is making a lot of money from his successful musical career, but the 21-year-old rapper is planning on making billions outside of the entertainment industry by the time he reaches thirty.

Speaking to Slikour, Nasty C revealed that he had created five inventions that are set to change the world and turn him into a billionaire: “I also have a couple of inventions, I’ve got like...six. Something not related to music or entertainment at all, I have like...five of them, I know for a fact that three of them are gonna be successful, and they’re gonna make me a billionaire, I’ve been saying thirty-six, but now I’m saying thirty…"

Without disclosing what the great invention is, Nasty C went on to add that he had created this practical invention with his bare hands, and he is convinced that because everybody will need it, it will turn him into a billionaire.

“It’s game-changing type of stuff...practical’s a global idea, it’s in everybody’s eyes but people just don’t realize it. I’ve made the prototypes, works like a charm, I made it with my own hands, I asked somebody to 3D print some things that I needed to put it together and then I did, and it works, I tried it, it works...everybody needs it, that’s why I’m saying it’s gonna make me a billionaire” he said.

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