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We've seen him feature on local and international block buster movies and now M-net's The Wild actor Nathaniel 'Nat' Ramabulana tells us about his career as an onstage actor and what father hood has meant to him.
ZAlebs dived straight into the questions, as we sought to learn more about Nat:

Nat,  just what is it about the play that has people wanting more since it's been performed across the country from 2009 until now?
Nat: “Sho, uhmmm well you watched it what do you think? [Laughs] but jokes aside Hayani is a play that really just speaks to everything that’s human, the social and cultural issues we all battle with on a daily basis.  Hayani is really not a far-fetched story it’s about our cultural differences that we all try to understand in order to meet a common ground in the play, Atandwa and I really also take a journey down memory and in a sense we also invite the audience to take that journey with us hence a dialogue is then created between us and the audience.
You’ve also played a very interesting role in the play "You Fool How Can The Sky Fall"? by renowned writer Zakes Mda…what was your favourite scene from that play?
Nat: “There’s a scene on stage where I had to jump on a box and scream “Contact! contact!” That guy was a very funny character he was the most extreme character I’ve ever played, he was so confident and cocky yet so fragile and weak at the same time.”
We’ve seen you and Atandwa in front of the camera many times but we’ve also heard that actors prefer to be on stage than in front of a camera why is that?
“It’s not that we don’t like it but with being on stage you get to feed off on people’s energy and it’s so challenging and the responses are more immediate whereas with being on camera you shoot an episode now chances are it gets aired a week or 3 weeks later.  It really is the urgency of the stage that we love, there’s just so much adrenaline involved when acting on stage.”
How is it like being in the rehearsal space with Athandwa and your comments on his hilarious Savanna advert?
Nat: Atandwa and I work very well together; we really just feed of on each other’s energy.  We really have fun in the rehearsal space and by having fun that’s how we come up with new ideas when it comes to character development…”
Before Nat could even comment on his fellow actors' Savanna advert, Atandwa unexpectedly snatched his phone wanting to speak to ZAlebs...
Athandwa: “…we making it Big, Make it Bigger!” he abruply yelled. Thank you Atandwa!
Both actors are new fathers and mentioned that fatherhood has added a new meaning to their lives also re-assuring us that no production can give them much joy as father-hood has.  Atandwa added that his twins are beautiful and that they’re the greatest creation he’s ever made.  (Ncaaw how sweet!)

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