''I Don't Want To Die!''

Nkanyiso Bhengu on his struggles with obesity.

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There are certain health conditions that will surely make life a bit more complicated. Obesity is one such a condition that can make it a hassle to maneuver through simple tasks in their lives.

South African musician and actor, Nkanyiso Bhengu has previously spoken up about his struggle with obesity. Those that have been staunch followers of him, could bare witness at the number of times he has publicly committed himself to lose weight hence it gotten to quite a dangerous stage, however not much has changed since those commitments.

Speaking to TshisaLive, the Kwa Zulu Natal native, revealed that even performing simple activities such as walking proved to be very strenuous. He also made mention of the high expenses of leading a healthier lifestyle, which includes gym memberships and healthy food.

"You might want to lose weight but then you have to think about the healthy food, which needs money and other things such as gym, which for the average person is a luxury they can’t afford to take. People need to work for their families and that takes time and money.”

Proving that he is a man of action, a nation wide campaign aimed at curbing the rate of obesity is in the pipeline for Nkanyiso. Which also happens to be his brainchild.

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Nkanyiso also stated that, even from childhood, he has always struggled with obesity. However it seems the tide is changing hence the journey to losing weight is underway.

Over the last years, the former Joyous Celebration member has made strides on the home front by getting married and having children. All of which form a big part of his motivation to shed some kilos.

“I’ve always been overweight, it’s been who I am for most of my life but it didn’t make my life as difficult as it is now. When I was younger, I could handle my weight better and I was still able to do most things, but now as I get older it is becoming more and more dangerous for me. I have a family, wife and children, and I don’t want to leave them before I would have if I had just shed some weight. I don’t want to die."

For the longest of time, Nkanyiso has bitterly wanted to achieve his goal of losing weight, therefore this time around, we are quite sure that he will knock it off the park.

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