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Nomuzi Mabena is always looking hella saucy !

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Nomuzi Mabena

Throughout Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena's career as a presenter, model, rapper and emcee she has always shown impeccable taste, and it has transitioned in a way that keeps our eyes locked on the media personality. 

Nomuzi can do funky, sexy, trendy and elegant. Back when she broke into the industry in 2013 after winning the MTV Base VJ search, Nomuzi's bald head pretty much became her signature. 

Nomuzi Mabena smiling with sun glasses
Mooslie/ Instagram

The media personality and now record-label-owner transitioned into the iconic 1990's finger waves hairstyle - the styling gel whatchamacallit style - which we all began to identify her with but it seems she's not done with the surprises.  

Nomuzi Mabena smiling at the red carpet
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Nomuzi's most recent Bubblegumclub cover is all anyone can talk about and guess what? Even though everyone is still mesmerized by seeing her feature some length in her hair, this might not be the last time she does so. 

In the cover, she poses with an updo that is to die for and most fans seem to love it. We love it as well so we can't complain...

Nomuzi Mabena
Jamal Nxedlana

Moozlie is one of the most fearless personalities in the industry, that thrives not only as a presenter but also as a rapper. Even in a continually male-dominated industry, she can't be tamed and she made sure to say so in the interview that accompanies the feature.   

"I don’t think young girls who want to be part of the industry should feel intimidated. You should use it as a superpower because there are so many female stories that have not been told yet," said Mabena. 

Nomuzi is telling a story of her own and is not stopping anytime soon. She's still striding strong. We enjoy watching her grow and blossom into a different form of Moozlie. You can look forward to Nomuzi's upcoming project titledVersus.

Nomuzi Mabena
Jamal Nxedlana

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Moozlie