Nomzamo Remembers Her Late Sister

She would be turning 27 years old today

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Television actress Nomzamo Mbatha has taken to her Instagram account to pen a heartfelt message to her late cousin Carla, whom she referred to as a sister.

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Carla died in 2014 after committing suicide and according to the actress, she was suffering from depression.

Nomzamo has send her a sweet heavenly birthday shout out on what would have been her 27th birthday today and she had us almost reaching for the tissues. In a lengthy message Nomzamo paid tribute to her for being brave and fearlessness.

"Year 7. Every year I bring flowers, a heart in pieces and tears of agony. This year I brought balloons and a heart on the mend to peace and halfway to true acceptance. Heavenly 27th birthday 🎂 🎈 to my twin and baby sister @carla_hd ... who loved DEEPLY AND LOUDLY. When she chose you, she truly chose you and would be your first line of defence like a true Scorpio. She was brave and true, honest, extremely kind and seriously funny. Courageous in every way, beautiful on all fronts and my very own soft landing. I will love her for all my days on earth and miss her equally as much.

I serve a merciful God that made it possible for us to live in this lifetime together and be of kin and blood. Here’s to 27 my Ninja... I will meet you on the other side someday. Pray you always watch over me," she wrote.

In 2020, Nomzamo opened up about her passing and said she felt guilty. Carla was found dead in a garden after she had committed suicide.

"I have experienced many tragedies in my life. But the one that sucker punched me was finding my baby sister in our family garden after she had taken her own life... it is a heartbreak that I will never fully recover from but will always be in the process of healing from. I felt guilt and shame.

Her passing left Nomzamo with a lot of questions that she should have taken a flight home a night before because she wouldn't have executed her plan.

Was I not good enough for her to live for, was I a good sister, what signs did I miss... why did I get on that flight the night before because if I was home the next morning she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to execute her plan. I then turned my fear and heartbreak into love. To understand better about her experience and suffering. That She succumbed to her illness and that she is at peace and is free from the pain of this world. That she knew I loved her. That my family loved her. That her friends loved her.

This year the Coming 2 America actress also lost her relative and took to Instagram to pen her grief. She said, "I don’t want to hear 'it is the will of God...' because my question then is how dare that will not consider me. I also don’t want to hear 'you’re going to get through this...'because it’s simple, 'This' is not the thing I wish to 'get through'...

"I have been reeling with grief since the day after my birthday...a full week living in a world where she does not exist in the can it be. See this love of mine taught me the power in forgiving, in loving people with utmost kindness, being a soft landing for anyone who needs it and loving on the basis of it being unconditional. She made me feel safe in this world... This one hurts.

"Here’s to the woman who occupied the most tender part of my heart, who has loved me without limits since I was born, I will love and miss you for all my days. Everything hurts about losing you, everything... if I could kiss your face just one last time."

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