Nomzamo's Take On Failed Marriages Sparks Debate

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After media personality Minnie Dlamini announced that she and her husband of four years are parting ways, social media went on a frenzy. We have seen quiet a few relationships ending these past few months and the conversation of failed unions keeps getting brought up.

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A clip from Nomzamo Mbatha's previous interview on Zaziwa with Pearl Modiadie resurfaced where she gives her take on why marriages or relationships fail.

In the clip, Nomzamo explains that some things are just never meant to be and that it is okay to just let go of those and find happiness elsewhere.

"When I was growing up I was never one to believe that the institution of marriage was made for me, and I still believe that. However when the opportunity arose and someone decided to see me as a wife, I took that in and I suppose relationships are about compromise.

"So when it did not work out, for me I was like 'okay, what do I have to learn from this?' I have to learn to take failure in my stride. Failure in work and failure in relationships. Perhaps yes it was not meant to be and if it is God's will then it's okay. But it teaches the young girl that if my love you believe in something, be head strong in something. Whoever is going to come into your life must be able to match that.

"And if they are not able to match that and live up to that, then they are not for you. And you have to make peace with it."

The actress then touches on the concept of holding on that women have adopted for such a long time in society. She also advised women who come from failed relationships or marriages to accept and move on, find more happiness out there and embrace that. Whenever you meet or bump each other on the street make sure you look great and keep it moving.

"When you hold on to grudges, it is not good for you."

Tweeps gave their own input on the discussion:

And sis is not holding on to any grudges as she pretended to not have had her heartbroken by Maps Maponyane.

The two actors dated and their relationship ended on a sour note. We know this because Nomzamo Mbatha claims to have some beans she wants to spill on Maps.

This all started when Maps click-baited people into thinking he and Nomzamo are back together. This after he shared a picture of him hugging her look-a-like making people believe they are back together.

Nomzamo tweeted, "Anything for click-bait huh?" and proceeded to threatened him and called him by his government name.

"Not now. Not ever. Masego, stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be graceful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I'll open it." she replied to an article claiming they have gotten back together.

The couple split back in 2018 after rumours swirled around that the break up was due to Maponyane allegedly cheating on Nomzamo, with a well-known Cape Town slay queen.

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