Nonhle Thema To Make A Huge Comeback

Tweeps reckon that she should be given a second chance

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TV actress and entrepreneur Nonhle Thema, was undoubtedly once one of South Africa's most beloved IT girls in the entertainment industry, and she had everyone eating in the palm of her hands.

The media personality has been away from the spotlight for a couple of years now after destroying her career. Taking to her Instagram account, she said she misses TV presenting. Nonhle has hinted at making a triumphant comeback, and we are here for it.

Twitter users have reacted to this and they feel she deserves a second chance. VuyoFanta tweeted, "This girl would be far now she didn't look down and undermined her peers and people in general. But she has grown and has learnt her lesson, God should grant her another chance, shame, she was just a kid."

Nonhle rose to superstardom with her presenting career, but she was born into a popular family. Her mother Cynthia Shange, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, and she is a former Miss South Africa. 

She cut her teeth in the world of entertainment about a decade ago after she landed a presenting gig on Channel 0. Nonhle was crushing it in the industry and was in the same league as Bonang Matheba and Minnie Dlamini.

Her TV career was booming and she traveled the world and rubbed shoulders with Hollywood's elite. Sis did an incredible job in redefining television presenting as a lucrative and respectable medium within the field of the arts in South Africa.

She also served as a beacon of hope and  inspiration to future presenters who have taken this medium to even greater heights. It is without a doubt that home girl was living the dream, securing several endorsement deals, and her bank account was filled to the brim, but it only took her seconds to sabotage her career.

No one saw her fall from grace coming. Her controversial Twitter meltdown of 2011 spelled the end of her career. The TV star was accused of being ignorant and disrespectful after she went on Twitter to brag about coining it in the industry. She added that she didn't want to be compared to Minnie and Bonang, who rented their properties.

She said her property was R2 million rand, and told her haters to eat the dust. Nonhle although the cancel culture was not raging in 2010 like it is now, Nonhle was cancelled by many people which resulted in her downfall.

She lost her TV gigs and brands did not want to work with her. Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral a couple of years ago, Nonhle admitted she overstated the amount of money she claimed to have earned back then. 

“I actually find it ridiculous, I am actually very much amused by it because those figures are such an exaggeration. I feel like I must have really been in such a bad place and I'm so grateful that I'm out of that hell hole that I was in, that I had to put a façade for me to fight off people," she said on the radio show.

Nonhle admitted to being suicidal at one point: "I had people encouraging my death, I would wake up. I just felt dead inside and for me I was already dead. I was just a dead person walking and I was just alive for the sake of it." 

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