Nonhle Thema wants to serve and help you find your purpose

When passion and purpose is aligned that is where you find true happiness

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Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema's story is one that will be discussed in media for years to come. Nonhle has had the pleasure of holding many first titles to her name. She was the first individual media personality to have her own local reality TV show, she was also the first female media personality to become the face of a channel.

But all that success came with a whole lot of drama that had Nonhle change from her being South Africa's sweetheart to South Africa's public enemy number one. 

Remember her Twitter meltdowns yesteryear?

However, throughout these couple of years,  we've witnessed Nonhle turn a new leaf on life. She no longer is interested in being the life of the party, instead, her focus is more directed towards working towards serving other people through her purpose.  

In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Nonhle explained that her constant search for purpose made her understand that life as a celebrity was never really her true purpose regardless of how famous and successful she became as an entertainer.

"I was always trying to find my purpose and I thought the Nonhle that I had become, the fame and everything was the purpose but it actually wasn’t because I started getting in a space where I was self-indulging. It was all about me, me, me and that’s not everyone’s purpose. Our purpose, now that I’ve learned, is to serve, purpose is for others, using your gift for others.  But had I known that and understood what that purpose was then, I  would’ve probably eliminated most of the things I went through."


Nonhle Thema has experienced a lot of positive and negative periods throughout her career in entertainment but she has said that all those experiences were worth it because if she did not go through those experiences, she probably would’ve not had the opportunity to find her true purpose in life.

“Character that’s how you get character, through experience and that’s how you get knowledge and more than anything that’s how you get wisdom through experience. If I had to erase any experience, whether good or bad I wouldn’t have the knowledge and the wisdom that I now have in order to handle new challenges that might come.”

If you didn't know by now, Nonhle is the founder of Talent Coaching Academy which serves to help people nurture their talent and to also help people know how to handle certain things such as fame and social media.

"The Talent Coaching Academy for me is to kind of assist the new kids on the block, to let them know how to handle things such as finances and how to also use yourself as a business, as a brand, how to branch out and not necessarily wait for work to come to you,'' said Nohle.

During the Afternoon Express interview, Nonhle further admitted that when she was going through her Twitter phase, she was going through a spiritual battle because she became successful so quickly that she made the mistake of moving away from God and that's when everything came tumbling down.

"God gave me these blessings and I took them and decided to eat them over here, you can't remove yourself from something that God has given you. So when I moved away from God, Satan was kind of now trying to take over," she said.

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