Nota and Sol Phenduka Face Off!

Nota wants Sol to keep Berita's name from his mouth

By  | Aug 31, 2022, 12:46 PM  | Sol Phenduka  | Drama

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Nota Baloyi, AKA The Authority, faced off with Sol Phenduka after various back and forths on social media. Their beef escalated when Nota called Sol Phenduka out for taking that with Kaya 959, calling him a sellout.

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Sol Phenduka joined Dineo Ranaka as co-hosts for Kaya 959's Breakfast show. This came after MacG fired shots at the big guns in radio, for apparently trying to damage his reputation so they can see the podcast fail. He accused the radio top dogs for paying influencers to bash the podcast so they could lose sponsors and run out of money and everything else that keeps the podcast intact.

So some were shocked when they found out that Sol will be going mainstream again, including Nota who went on a rant on Twitter.

The two recently bumped into each other at Starbucks where Nota recorded their interaction. "Bumped into Sol Phenduka at Starbucks today, I told him to keep my wife’s name out his f*cking mouth & he called security… Not only is he a sell out, he’s pusillanimous too!

In the video clip, Sol Phenduka tells Nota to stop doing what he is doing because he is a grown man.
Responding to fans as to why he did not hit Sol he said he did not go to Starbucks for him, but he went there for coffee. And also because he did not want to break a nail.

"Nah, I don’t smack fat f*cks, I pin them down like I did Stogie T. I was at Starbucks for Espresso not to confront Sol, he just happened to need free wifi on the wrong day!"

He also said he is a weak man, "Damn… Missed opportunity, the man is weak. Nothing I said about him was untrue. If he read the comments he’d stop drinking on the job & asking his boss to fire him!"

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Nota kept the insults coming.
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